Jean-Marc BohbotMD, PhD. Infectious disease specialist, Institut Alfred Fournier, Paris

Trained as a dermatologist, Jean-Marc Bohbot quickly turned his attention to genitourinary pathologies and, more particularly, female and male genital infectiology.

Head of the department of sexually transmitted infections at the Fournier Institute in Paris, France (formerly the WHO Collaborating Centre for STDs) since 1975, he is currently the Institute’s Medical Director, where he also provides andrology consultations.

For more than fifteen years, Jean-Marc Bohbot has been passionate about genitourinary microbiota and has collaborated in several clinical studies on probiotics in gynaecology, some of which have been the subject of cited publications. He is also the author of two books for the general public: one on sexually transmitted infections (Maux d'Amour Ed. Ellébore), the other on the vaginal microbiota (La révolution rose Ed. Marabout).

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