Issue 1March 2015
Special report

Microorganisms and mankind

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    While the study of microbiota is a recent development in the history of medicine, and may not yet be viewed as entirely mainstream by some, a great deal of data have already been acquired and published. In recent years ever greater numbers of researchers, among them gastroenterologists, microbiologists, allergists, gynaecologists, neurologists, paediatricians, hepatologists, immunologists, endocrinologists, and other physicians, have been starting to consider the microbiota as a new factor to be taken into account in their clinical approaches.

    Despite the rising interest, no French journal exists to date to inform healthcare professionals of the issues surrounding the medical impact of these microorganisms. We wish to address this gap with the creation of the Revue des Microbiotes, the first French journal devoted to microbiota and their potential repercussions for human health. By bringing together specialists from different backgrounds, we have striven to bring to the reader an independent, multidisciplinary source in the service of scientific information.

    It is therefore with great enthusiasm that we take the first steps in our new editorial adventure. We sincerely hope that this first edition of our journal will inform and enlighten, and we look forward to bringing you further editions every four months. We would like to take the opportunity in this first issue to thank the PiLeJe Laboratory for its institutional support. Don't hesitate to send us your comments, questions, and suggestions—they will enrich future issues.

    We hope you enjoy this first edition, many thanks to you all !

    The team at the Revue des Microbiotes

    Table of contents

    • Special Report

      • From microbe to microbiota
        Scientific committee : Philippe Gérard
      • The importance of the microbiota for the proper development of the neonatal
        Scientific committee : Bruno Pot
      • The impact of microbiota in gastroenterology
        Scientific committee : Stanislas Bruley des Varannes
        Contributors :
      • Management and support of CMPA: can we modify the microbiota?
        Scientific committee : Alexis Mosca
      • Focus on allergy
        Scientific committee : Cyrille Hoarau
      • The vaginal microbiota — a fundamental factor in vaginal equilibrium with regard to protection against endogenous and exogenous infections
        Scientific committee : Jean-Marc Bohbot
      • Microbiota and cardiometabolic disease
        Scientific committee : Jacques Amar
        Contributors :
      • The study of microbiota: a new approach to certain neurological diseases
        Scientific committee : Patrick Vermersch
    • The Microbiota Chronicle

      • Live from the Actrims/Ectrims meeting Boston, 10-13 September, 2014
        Scientific committee : Patrick Vermersch
    • Microbiota News

      • Transplantation of faecal microbiota: a surprising therapeutic application — should it be a cause for concern?
    • In Brief

    • Interview

      • Microbial ecology reflected in the medicine of tomorrow
        Contributors :
    • Focus

    • Taxonomic Reference

    Scientific committee

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