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Microbiote urinaire

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Our intention

Our intention Regardless of whether they have been used for thousands of years in food processing, in healthcare or industry sectors or quite simply present in the environment, micro-organisms are all around us and can be found inside us too. Arranged in ecosystems known as microbiota, they play a major role at a physiological and pathophysiological level; some experts even consider the intestinal microbiota as an organ in its own right.

Although the study of microbiota is a very recent development in the history of medicine and although it still holds a large element of mystery, there is a great deal of data already available and increasing numbers of published results are becoming available.

Since 2015, La Revue des Microbiotes has presented the latest findings of microbiota research and informs healthcare professionals about the effects of this new knowledge on human health.

The current situation is independently analysed and commented on three times a year by a scientific committee of specialists from different backgrounds.

La Revue des Microbiotes is published by PiLeJe.

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