Jacques AmarMD. Cardiologist, Toulouse University Hospital, Vaiomer scientific consultant, Labège.

Jacques Amar is a cardiologist and professor of Therapeutics at Toulouse University Hospital (France) where he specializes in the management of hypertension. He is head of the Hypertension Service and coordinator of the European Society of Hypertension Excellence Centre at the University Hospital. Jacques Amar published the hypothesis on the existence of a tissue microbiota, contributed to validating the hypothesis and to depicting the role played by the tissue microbiota in cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

He is the first author of several key papers describing the physiological and physiopathological role of bacterial translocation in humans. In order to take the research in this area a step further, he co-founded VAIOMER, a biotech company specializing in the study of tissue microbiota.

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