Cyrille HoarauMD, PhD. Immunologist and allergy specialist, Interdisciplinary Unit of Clinical Immunology and Allergy Studies, Regional and University Hospital, Tours

Dr. Cyrille Hoarau is a hospital practitioner and lecturer at the François Rabelais University of Tours (France). After completing a medical externship in Rouen, an internship in Pediatrics and a Master's degree in Immunology, he obtained his PhD in Medicine, in Life Sciences specializing in Immunology. He then went on to obtain postdoctoral accreditation to supervise research.

At the hospital level, he is the head of the department of Allergology and Clinical Immunology at Tours University Hospital. At the university level, he is in charge of Allergy and Clinical Immunology teaching at the University of Tours’ Faculty of Medicine. At the research level, Cyrille Hoarau leads the B Cell Resources (BCR) platform within the EA4245 "Transplantation, Inflammation and Immunology" research team. His research topic was initially to study the interaction of the microbiota on the development of adaptive immunity and, in particular, the impact of the supernatant of a Bifidobacterium on the functionality of human dendritic cells.

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